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   Youn,Myong soon 

Born in Seoul

Diplome, Ecole Nationale Superieure des Arts Decoratifs,Art-Plastique.Volume,(Paris,France)

B.F.A. & . M.F.A. Hong ik University (Seoul,Korea)


Solo  Exhibition

  2010  Maison du Chevalier Gallery, Carcassonne, France.

  2009  Gallery Boda Contemporary,Seoul

  2008  Maison de Chevalier Gallery ,Carcassonne, France

  2003  Gallery ARTSIDE Seoul 

  1994  Gallery FORUM  Seoul 

  1988  Gallery  MOIN   Seoul 


 .  Selected  Group  Exhibition

   2012 ART SIDE Gallery, Seoul, Korea

2010  4 Elements, AKI Gallery, Seoul, Korea

        2009  TRACE (Gallery Somari gukbab) Gyeong

2009  Odysseia, Contemporary & Drawing (The  CHIWOO   Craft Museum)

2007   Earth imagination of Materials  (Kim chong yung Sculpture Museum)Seoul

    2007   Baggage limit ,Plan-D gallery, Dusseldorf,Germany

        2007  The sculpture Project Line in Space, Gyeong gi do  Museum of Art

         2004  China-Korea Art Exhibition (Qingdao sculpture museum, Qingdao ,China)

   2001   Wild Animals  (Total Museum , Gyeong gi do )

   2001   Ecology Art  Environnemental (Moon Mak , Kang won)

  1999  Expo. Francasia ( Ariake Gallery,Tokyo,Japan) 

  1997  Seoul Ceramic Art Biennale

1997 'Earth, Life: the expression of earth in Korea Contemporary Art

 ( Seoul Metropolitan Museum)

         1995  Korea Women Artists  'Festival'95 (Seoul Metropolitan Museum)

  1995   Vermont Studio Center, Freeman Fellowship Award (Vermont, U.S.A)

  1994   Korean Sculpture'94 (The Paterson Museum , U.S.A)

  1991   The New Generational Tendency in Korea Contemporary Art "Dialogue with Nature"

(The Korea Culture and Arts Foundation)

  1990   Young Perspectives- Propositions For Tomorrow(Hangaram Art Museum, Seoul)

  1989   Seoul. Tokyo Studio Show (Kwan- Hoon Gallery ,Jin-Mok Gallery, Tokyo)

   1989    Figurative Art in the '80s(Kum-Ho Gallery)

   1988   Salon de Mai (Grand Palais,Paris)

   1988   Two Artists Photo & Sculpture (Girafe en Feu,Paris)

   1988   Expo. Belfort (Belfort Culture Center, France)



   National Museum of Contemporary Art , Korea

   Amore Pacific  Kwang  Joo (The Amore  Museum)

 .  SIAS  Korea 

 .  The City 7, Chang Won , Korea

 .  Maison de Chevalier,Carcassonne, France